Always-on sensor activity monitoring and flexible sensor options keep your pets safe and sound.

With their enhanced senses, fast reaction times, and instinctive loyalty to their owners, dogs have been serving as living and breathing home security systems since well before the days of electronic monitoring solutions. Even after the advent of modern-day (and less cuddly) security systems, dogs and other pets have continued to serve as defenders of the home. Today, many households rely on a combination of pets and electronic security equipment to provide dual lines of defense that few burglars would dare to cross.

But most people who own dogs regard them as much more than four-legged burglar biters. As honorary members of the family, our canine companions deserve the same level of protection they offer us. AIT security systems provide the perfect solution for monitoring your pets and protecting them from various in-home hazards. Install a micro door sensor on the doggie door to check in on Fido’s activity during the day when you’re not home. Monitor swinging pantry or closet doors so that you’ll receive an email or cell phone notification if your pet enters these off-limits (and often dangerous) areas while you’re at work. Going on vacation? By logging in to AIT and checking system activity, you can make sure the neighbor came by to feed your cats or walk your dog.

There’s no doubt about it - a security system can be a great addition to any home with pets. But there are a few things you should remember in order to ensure that your pet and security system coexist peacefully under one roof. While our motion sensors use smart technology that helps prevent false alarms triggered by most smaller animals (up to about 40 pounds), a large pet or a small but rowdy pet might activate it accidentally. If you have a large or extremely active dog or cat, we recommend placing motion sensors in areas where your pet is not free to roam. Or you can try using other, more pet-friendly sensors, such as a combination of glass break and window sensors where you might otherwise install a motion sensor. Our sophisticated glass break sensors, made by GE, can distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other loud sounds, helping minimize the risk of false alarms triggered by a dog’s bark.
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