Why it’s time for your security system to keep up with the wireless technology that surrounds you.

We live in a wireless age. No longer dependent on a tangle of cords or cables to access the information we need, many of us enjoy and even expect a state of constant “connectedness” courtesy of the airborne bits and bytes zipping back and forth among our cell phones, PDAs, and other high tech wireless gadgets. As wireless telecommunication technologies continue to advance at break-neck speeds, the days of landline telephones and other tethered communication devices are numbered. This comes as unwelcome news for the majority of home security companies--and their customers-- whose security systems rely on a standard “POTS” (Plain Old Telephone Service) setup to transmit alarm signals to the central station.

Fortunately, AIT recognized early on the importance of making our systems compatible with the “no strings attached” wireless lifestyle that more and more people are seeking. Because our wireless security systems function independently of a phone line or internet connection, they provide the perfect solution for people who have ditched their home landline phones in favor of voice-over-IP (VOIP) phones or cell phones. We also figured that if people can get news and stock quotes via their handheld devices, they should be able to receive similar updates about activity in their homes and businesses. That’s why our customers can receive automatic notifications via cell phone, PDA or email in the event of an alarm or other activity reported by the system.

Our always-on wireless connection also allows for the security control panel at the customer site to be in constant communication with AIT, receiving commands through the web and reporting not just alarm signals but all sensor activity (such as when a door opened or a motion sensor was activated). Imagine trying to do this with a phone-based security system that “seizes” the phone line any time a signal is sent. Like having a chatty teenager in the house, you’d never be able to make a call because the phone line would always be busy. But since AIT uses a separate, dedicated wireless connection for all system communication, we don’t have to worry about clogging your phone line with too many signals. Instead, we can focus on providing you with abundant real-time information about what’s going on in your home or business when you’re away (even if your system is disarmed).

Going wireless is not just about convenience, or about keeping up with the latest trends in technology. Our wireless technology is also more secure. Unlike phone or broadband-based security systems that can be disabled by any intruder with a pair of scissors or nail clippers, our systems communicate signals even if the phone or cable line is cut. Considering buying a security system that uses broadband internet to communicate signals? Think twice before entrusting the safety of your home to an internet connection that is vulnerable to power and cable outages. With AIT’s built-in battery, signals can be transmitted even during a power failure.

Starting to realize it’s time to update your security system? Whether you’re seeking landline independence, high-tech web and handheld device features, more robust security, or all of the above, AIT has the answer for you. To learn more about our state-of-the-art GE security systems with built-in wireless AIT technology, please contact us online or call (386) 986-7248.
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