Advances in technology enable Seniors to live independently, without invading their privacy.

Reluctant to pay costly retirement community fees or to sacrifice the comforts and privacy of home life, an increasing number of elderly individuals are now choosing to live independently as long as possible. Although self-reliant on the whole, they often welcome visits from their children and other younger relatives who can check in on them on a regular basis to make sure everything is okay. But despite good intentions, time and geographic limitations often prevent these younger family members from providing adequate and regular attention to their aging relatives.

Let's say you want to keep an eye on your elderly grandmother who lives alone, a thousand miles away? AIT may have the perfect solution for you. In addition to providing a valuable line of defense against potential intruders who might see her as an easy target, our wireless and web-enabled security system offers an unobtrusive way for you to check on your grandmother even when you're on the other side of the globe. With AIT's "Normal Activity Monitoring," you can log into our website and view ALL sensor activity (not just alarms) reported by your grandmother's AIT system. An online history shows you when various doors or windows were opened and closed or when activity was reported on a particular motion sensor. You can check to see that the security system is armed each night, and you can even arm it remotely if your grandmother forgets.

Micro-door sensors installed on the pantry door and medicine cabinet can let you know if your grandmother is eating and taking her medications regularly. A motion detector in the living room can tell you if she is getting up and moving around the house every day, and sensors on the main house doors allow you to see if she is leaving the house on a regular basis. AIT allows you to stay tuned to your grandmother's daily activities without having to invade her privacy or call her multiple times a day. We also offer a "panic pendant" that can be worn around the house and even in the shower or bath so that if your grandmother falls or has a medical emergency, she can press a button to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm. This alarm would then be immediately reported via phone and email to her listed emergency contacts, and (depending on the AIT service plan selected) the panic alarm can be routed to a central monitoring station that can contact the local authorities for emergency help.

With AIT helping you watch over your older relative around the clock, you can relax. Instant call and email notifications, as well as remote home monitoring through the web, allow you to monitor the safety of your elderly loved ones from anywhere.
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