Use the latest technology to keep tabs on your second home when you're not there.

For many homeowners, the American dream of owning a house is no longer enough. They envision more: a lake house, mountain cabin, or perhaps a cottage on the beach. Who can blame them? It's tough to dispute the benefits of owning an additional property. A vacation home can offer its owners a weekend or holiday sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. Worries and troubles dissolve in the wake of a ski-boat or in the foam of the surf. And from a financial perspective, a second home can be a great addition to any portfolio, whether simply as an appreciating asset or as a source of continuous revenue through rental fees.

With the advantages of second homeownership, however, come the tasks of securing and maintaining an additional property. If the owner is not around to check on things regularly, it may be days or even weeks before leaks, broken windows, or frozen pipes are discovered. What might start out as a minor problem can quickly escalate into a big disaster if no one is around to take immediate action. In addition to being more susceptible to disrepair, an empty house is also a prime target for burglary and vandalism. An owner who relies on a property manager to rent out a home or condo faces different but equally serious issues. A dishonest realtor, for instance, might book a rental for the home without ever telling the owner.

If you are a second homeowner, AIT can help you minimize these risks and headaches so that you can focus on enjoying your treasured refuge. Unlike traditional security systems, the AIT system is 100% wireless and does not require a phone line or internet connection to transmit signals. With an AIT wireless home security system, you can monitor your property when you're not there.

In addition to providing instant phone or email notification of any alarm activity reported by system sensors, AIT provides a 60-day online history of all sensor events in your home, including door and window activity, motion activity, power failures, and more. This offers a non-invasive way for rental-home owners to see if a house is occupied (or empty) when the rental agency says it is. If your second home is vacant for extended periods, you may want to consider additional add-ons such as our water/flood sensor, glass break sensor, or freeze sensor. Be the first to know if a water pipe bursts or a fallen tree breaks a window in your house. Sleep at night knowing that your property is protected.
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