What is home automation?

Home automation/control is much more than a universal remote, or smart lighting. Home control is technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface. We believe that life's better when everything works together.

 Imagine having one remote that can:

  • Control your home theater and dim the lights as the opening credits roll
  • Turn off all the TVs in the house when the kids are supposed to be doing their homework
  • Alert you that you left the garage door open, which you can close from the computer in your office
  • Manage your lights, window coverings and thermostats to reduce your energy bills
  • Monitor your door locks, lights and security cameras for a little extra peace of mind
  • Choose music from nearly 5 million tracks offered by Rhapsody in any or every room of the house

Home control starts with a few basic categories: One-touch Home Theater, Multi-room Music, Smart Lighting, Advanced Temperature Control, Safety and Security. But the possibilities are virtually endless. You can control virtually anything in your home.

Practical applications for using the Control4 system include:

  • New homes
  • Existing homes
  • Green living
  • Builders
  • Utilities
  • Hotels and resorts

For new homes

Building a new home? Now is the perfect time to integrate Control4 solutions. As you design your new home, plan for all your home theater, security and connection needs and envision all the ways Control4 can help make your life easier. Control4 is the bridge that makes it possible for multiple consumer electronics and home systems to work seamlessly together – with a single remote.  So, what’s possible with Control4?
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