Retail Stores

  • Find out at any time a door, window or cabinet opens or if motion is detected at the store
  • Create a unique access code for each person authorized to arm and diarm the system - keep track of exactly who enters and exits the business
  • Receive daily or weekly reports on 'Normal Activity' events
  • Use the system to keep track of how many customers are coming in and out of your store each day
  • With a weekly email report on the front door openings of your business, find out what days are better for business.

Commercial Construction sites

  • AIT security systems work without a phone line
  • Arming the panel is not necessary
  • Receive daily and/or weekly email reports
  • Easy to use - no need to manage user codes
  • AIT enables automatic scheduled arming and disarming of the security system
  • Monitor construction sites even before a phone line has been installed
  • Builders can track activity and protect valuable materials, trailers, model homes and pre-delivery homes against vandalism and theft


  • Ensure your business is opening and closing on-time, every day
  • Through a user-friendly website, you can check the status of your business at any time... from anywhere
  • Your system reports all sensor activity, even if it's not an alarm
  • Find out anytime a door, window or cabinet opens or if motion is detected at your site
  • Receive notifications on your cell phone, BlackBerry, PDA or pager for events like: system arming and disarming; power failure; door or motion activity; alarms and more
  • The last ten events are listed on a summary page and all events are stored for sixty days - easily search by event or sensor type


  • Find out which areas of the school are being accessed most frequently and at which times
  • Faculty can stay aware of all types of 'Normal Activity' events at the school even when the system is disarmed
  • Receive daily or weekly email reports on all types of 'Normal Activity' events
  • Enhance school security by tracking after-school indoor activities and unexpected entries during closed hours
  • 'Automated Arming' can be turned on so the security system remembers to arm itself every night
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