What is the EMT Buddy?

The EMT BUDDY is an EMT friendly data storage device the size of a credit card. It fits conveniently in your wallet or purse next to your insurance card or your identification. In an emergency, authorities insert the card into the USB port of their laptop computer and retrieve your medical information and identification instantly.


Many doctors suggest that you keep a record of your important health facts handy.emtbuddy

This can help a medical team make a better and more rapid diagnosis when time really counts.

Take your medical history data anywhere with the EMTBuddy.

This device stores Personal Medical Data and will easily provide your important information to an Emergency Medical Technician when you need it most.
EMTBuddy is about the size of a credit card, fits in your wallet, and is virtually weightless. Featuring Solid State technology, EMTBuddy is a durable and shock resistant device that provides a long lasting data retention solution which quickly delivers your critical medical info to an E.M.T.’s computer.
EMTBuddy also provides a safe and easy way to transport your data from one doctor to another. In addition to the onboard Medical History form, there is enough memory to store copies of important MRI and X-ray images.

The EMT Buddy is simple and easy to use.

The EMT Buddy inserts into a computer’s USB port, open the medical information window, type in your information on the proper forms, remove and place in your wallet or purse. It’s that simple.

In the event of an emergency, authorities look for your identification. The blue universal medical symbol on the gold card stands out. Emergency personnel place the card into their computer and immediately have access to all of your vital information.

Information like:

  • Pre-existing conditions like Heart Conditions or Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure issues
  • Blood Type
  • Allergies to certain medications
  • Which medications you are currently taking
  • Family medical history
  • Who to call in case of an emergency

Our warranty is about taking care of you after the sale.

Our promise to you our customer, is that we will do the following:

We will repair or replace your purchase for any reason at NO CHARGE TO YOU.

It doesn’t matter how it happened, whose fault it was or where you purchased it.

  • Unlimited lifetime Warranty
  • Fully transferable
  • No warranty card to fill out
  • No receipt needed to hang onto
  • If you ever have a problem – no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you


The cost of the EMT Buddy card is $39.99. That’s it!

For just pennies per year you can have all of your important and critical medical and personal information stored electronically and carried with you in your wallet. Even if for any reason you break or damage the card, we’ll replace it free – for life!