If wireless is not your thing, you need Structured Wiring.

The modern way to design and install building wiring.  Structured wiring has become one of the most requested items in new construction technology today.  The days of coax and plain old telephone lines are gone.  Digital cable, High Definition TV, ISP modems, Streaming video & music,  and home networks have caused us to move ahead.

One of the reasons for AIT's rapid advancement is our ability to provide a complete turnkey system.  AIT's advanced structured wiring design is to not only provide for today's technology, but also for tomorrow's advancements as well.

“Structured wiring” is a concept that anticipates the present and future electronic needs for every room of your household. Structured wiring systems can be thought of as the electronic foundation for your home.

What is Structured Wiring?

"Structured wiring" offers you the ability to wire your home with cables for video, telephone, and data. Everything is run through the inside of the walls, eliminating visible wires. Rooms can contain enough outlets to give you the maximum use of the wiring, both now and for the future.

Structured Vs. Traditional Wiring

  • Media
  • Traditional Wiring
  • Structured Wiring


  • Capable of 1 to 2 separate phone lines
  • Capable of up to 4 separate phone lines at each location
  • Expandable for use with commercial phone systems allowing conference calling, call forwarding, intercom, speaker phone, music on-hold and much more.
  • Ability to disconnect a phone line at any time.
  • High speed digital internet connections such as ISDN or DSL lines.
  • Flexibility to change wire usage.
  • Crystal clear voice connections. Conversations from other parties and static are eliminated.
  • Residential programmable phone systems ready.
  • RJ31x Security System connection.


  • Relatively clear reception of local, cable and satellite television signals.
  • Possible cable modem connection.
  • Enhanced reception of local, cable and satellite television signals.
  • Allows cable modem connection.
  • High Definition Television (HDTV) ready.
  • Enormous band-width to handle future channel releases.
  • In-house camera systems for the nursery, kids playroom, pool area, backyard, front or back entrances of your home. These can be viewed from any television in your home!


  • Allows networking of computers in your home.
  • Perfect for home office or telecommuting.
  • Shared internet access (Road Runner, DSL, etc.) or printers.
  • Up to a gigabit (1000 mbps) data transfer rate.
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