Multi-Room Audio

Make your entire music library available throughout the home.  Whether your home audio needs are very basic, highly specialized, or somewhere in between, AIT makes it easy to find a solution that will serve your needs and budget.  The possibilities are endless with installation and operation easier than you ever imagined.

Multi-Room Audio gives you the power to listen to your favorite music anywhere in the home while other family members listen to something else in a different room. Each room is able to select and control the music and volume by just the touch of a button.

Advantages of a Multi-Room audio system

  • Zone control allowing different audio to be enjoyed in different locations simultaneously.
  • Fully integrated with your Control4 system to allow selection of audio from your tv, remote, or keypad.
  • Your full collection of music can be stored on a server and distributed throughout your home.
  • Use of the internet to access and download latest music.
  • All hardware is located in a discrete location.
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